The Experience

After your session has been confirmed  we will discuss over the phone or through email exactly what you are wanting out of your photographs.  This allows me to customize your session as much as possible.  Also, a link will be provided to my client area where you will find all sorts of useful information.  Then I want you to relax and enjoy your custom photography experience.  My goal is to ensure that every client feels like they are having their images taken by an old friend!

When we get together for your session plan to have fun!  We will be shooting in a familiar location of your choice so that everyone feels immediately at ease.  I want everyone to relax and feel comfortable.   You will NEVER hear me say the word “cheese”!  I just want us to walk, talk, hangout and have lots of fun!

After the session I go though the images that we created and edit my favorite images for your gallery.  I normally post a sneak peak via Facebook (with your permission).  In usually takes approximately 3 weeks, from your session, for all of your images to be complete and ready for download.  All images will be colour corrected and can be instantly downloaded directly from your gallery.  All images are high resolution and can be printed at any size and are yours to print as you wish.  

That is the total experience!